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Paraguay is a dream opportunity from every angle:    - emigrate and live peacefully yet more than affordably  - invest in the real estate market  - start businesses  - import-export, etc. There is still the hurdle of getting to grips with Paraguayan processes, bureaucracy and legislation before you can bring your projects to fruition. Our agency offers all the services you could need to successfully set up, settle in and bring your projects to life. We liaise with state notaries, specialist lawyers and sworn translators.
Papers and paperwork procedures
Permanent Residency Card Paraguayan ID Card Legal Second Passport Driver’s license (car - motorbike – heavy duty vehicles) Sworn translations & notarized certificates Vital record certificates Deeds of Sale, Purchase and Lease Various contracts and agreements Opening Bank accounts
Your stay in Paraguay
Accommodation options - Hotel - Lodgings (short stays possible) - B&B (high-end) Vehicle hire Tourism - Traditional tours - Eco-Tours - Guide interpreter
Moving out
Official papers Immigration papers Ocean freight Shipping container Customs clearance Flights and travel Secure storage
Settling in Paraguay
Pick-up right off the plane Accommodation & Logistics Finding work Starting a business Domicile: - permanent residency - corporate legal domicile (call centre – marketing, etc.) Corporate services            click the topic tab Schooling (primary–secondary–university): enrolments Blending in (personal & professional)
Acquiring real estate property
Legal counsel & Legal aid Visits & negotiation Background checks Notarization
Legal counsel
In collaboration with our partner network of qualified multilingual experts
Services for Expats & Foreigners - Fast-track paperwork processing